Tell us about yourself

I am originally from Round Rock, Texas. Currently, I reside in New Haven, Connecticut. I earned my Business Administration degree from Northwest Vista College in San Antonio and received my Real Estate License in 2011. Early in my career, I was a featured realtor in a segment of "House Hunters", the nationally syndicated real estate program on HGTV. As part of my service to the community, I co-host a talk show on 103.5FM,  a New Haven local radio station, and participate on numerous community-based projects in the tri-state area. 

Of all the young patrons groups across the city, why did you choose the Apollo Young Patrons?  

I chose to become an Apollo Young Patron because it was an opportunity to build philanthropic connections to further the mission and legacy of  the Apollo Theater. Giving back to the community and assisting youth in the arts is a passion of mine. As a singer, I know the importance of confidence and building networks through live performance. Historically, the Apollo Theater has provided a plethora of opportunities for artists to express themselves freely - without artistic bounds.

What is your superpower?

Connecting people! 

What's the most interesting place you've ever traveled to? Why?  

Bordeaux France, Summer 2019.  Before visiting, I thought it would be a boring town filled with wine enthusiast.  To my surprise, it was a very vibrant city, complete with delicious food, history, and an incredible nightlife! 

What is your business affiliation?