February 26, 2018

Standard Post Format Standard is the default post format in WordPress. It can be an article, a blog post, or anything the user want it to be. A standard post can also be any of the other post formats as well. For example, a standard post can have a gallery or a video. The user can decide whether they want to use their theme’s built in support for the formatting and display of a particular post format or they would rather use the standard post format. Aside Aside is an extra bit of information that a blogger may want to provide to their readers without writing a standard post about it. It could be an external link, reference to a discussion carried out elsewhere on the web, or an interesting piece of information that does not fit in the regular scope of the blog’s posts. Aside in WordPress is one of the supported post formats. Theme developers can choose to provide support for a post format to define its visual representation.

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