School Tours

School Tours

Connect your Classroom Curriculum to the Soul of American Culture!

Apollo School Tours are 60 minutes in length and can accommodate up to 30 students and 5 chaperones per group.

The Apollo Theater is a New York City Department of Education Vendor - #133630066

School tours are currently unavailable until further notice.

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Tour Program Choices

Apollo Highlights Tour

(Grades K - 12)

Through inquiry-based learning, students develop an understanding of the Apollo Theater’s history from its opening show in 1934 up through the 21st century. Students have an opportunity to participate in their own “mock” Amateur Night.

The Music of the Apollo

(Grades K – 12)

Through multi-media primary and secondary source documents, students will understand the evolving nature of popular music genres. Students will learn about music genres central to the Apollo’s legacy including Big Band, Blues, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, and Soul.



Apollo Scavenger Hunt

(Grades K - 4)

This tour focuses on the physical structure of the Apollo as a theater and identifies those elements which distinguish it as a national landmark. Students learn specific architectural terms associated with the theater such as marquee, proscenium, and mezzanine. On a scavenger hunt, students will use an illustrated key to discover some of the special features and details of the Apollo that often go unseen by many visitors.

The Apollo and the Harlem Renaissance

(Grades 3 – 12)

The Harlem Renaissance was a revolutionary era in early 20th century Black art and culture. On this tour, students are exposed to a selection of musicians, performers, poets, and intellectual activists of this period. Through this engagement, students consider how artistic and philosophical visionaries of the Harlem Renaissance continue to influence individuals, institutions, and communities today.


The Apollo and Harlem: The Evolution
of a Community

(Grades 3 -12)

This tour focuses on the evolution of the Harlem community and the Apollo Theater during the 20th century, particularly highlighting neighborhood arts, culture, politics, and business (economics). Students will consider events such as The Great Migration, the Great Depression, World War II, and the Civil Rights Movement, by correlating the impact of these historical milestones on Harlem and the Apollo.