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We offer a diverse selection of Apollo Workshops in dance, theater, and music. Our Apollo Teaching Artists will go to your site for 45 - 60 minute sessions. Please review the programs listed below. Workshops are arranged to fit your schedule.

First Workshop Session:
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$125 per additional session*

*To receive this discounted rate, all additional workshops must be scheduled on the same day as the first workshop. Workshop rates do not apply to residencies, please inquire.

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Workshop Choices: Music

Blues: Bebop to Hip Hop

(Grades 3 – 12)

This workshop will use the Blues as a framework to examine certain music styles of the 20th century. Combining music and storytelling, students will become familiar with the blues roots of various rhythmic styles heard in today’s popular music and will be encouraged to use their voice as they learn to improvise song lyrics using the language of the Blues.

A Journey through Song
Lyrics across Time

(Grades 4 – 12)

Students learn how song lyrics can reflect social and political climates. They will compare and contrast music from a specific era (ex. the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s) and will learn how to write their own song lyrics.

Rhythm Explorations

(Grades K - 12)

Take an expedition through the progression of music and storytelling. This program explores how music and rhythm are used throughout the world to pass down traditions and culture. In this hands-on workshop, students are invited to explore the sounds of percussion instruments to create rhythm. Additionally, they will become familiar with the roots of various rhythmic styles heard in much of today’s popular music.

We Sing!

(Grades K – 12) 

This workshop introduces students to foundational music and vocal techniques as they explore the historical and social relevance of the song(s) they will learn.



Workshop Choices: Theater

Process Drama: The Apollo, the Great Migration and the Harlem Renaissance

(Grades 7 – 12) 

Engage your students in this workshops series which uses immersive role-play and improvisation to weave together history, culture and the socioeconomic impact of the Great Migration, the Harlem renaissance and the Apollo. *Please note: this is a 4-part series*

Theater Explorations

(Grades K -12)

A variety of performance techniques such as gesture, dialogue, improvisation, physical and vocal choices, and sense memory are employed to create powerful literacy, language, and arts learning opportunities for a wide range of student abilities.

Workshop Choices: Dance

We Like it Like That: NYC Boogaloo

(Grades 3 – 12)

This dance workshop will explore connections between contemporary music and Boogaloo, which was born in Spanish Harlem and created by Latin teenagers. Students will learn essential Boogaloo dance steps, and explore the fundamental roots of the signature sound, which is rooted in Latin rhythms along with American R&B influences.

Choreography: Let’s Dance!

(Grades 4 -12)

Students will learn basic techniques for choreographing dance routines. After exploring trademark styles of dancers from the past and present, students will imagine and develop their own routines, expressing themselves through creative movement.

Hip Hop Dance

(Grades 3 – 12) 

This workshop will engage students with the Hip Hop social dances of the 80s and 90s through hands-on activities and discussion.  Students will explore and connect the origins and influences of street, funk, and club styles that helped formulate the dance element of Hip Hop Culture. Together we will focus on bouncing, rocking, and grooving- the foundations of the styles and techniques of Hip Hop dance. 

Historic Social Dances of Harlem

(Grades 2 -12)

This high-energy workshop engages students in the classic dances of Harlem’s Savoy Ballroom.  Students learn the origins and relevance of social dances such as the “Lindy Hop”, “Shorty George”, and “Suzy-Q”.