Connect your Classroom Curriculum to the Soul of American Culture!


The Apollo’s School Programs are designed to fit within the needs of your school community. Our programs highlight the rich history of the Apollo and its connection to Harlem and African American culture, while also providing engagement in music, dance, and theater. Apollo School Programs are inquiry-based, interactive, interdisciplinary, and connect to both the Common Core State Standards in ELA/Social Studies and the New York City Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts.

Distance Learning

The Apollo Theater's Distance Learning program provides opportunities for students and educators to explore the legendary Apollo Theater through interactive remote learning workshops and on-demand video modules.

Reservations for the 2021-2022 school year are now available. Book your Remote Learning experience today.

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School Day Live Performances

School Day Live performances extend the “Apollo Experience” to new generations of young theatre-goers while providing exciting opportunities to learn about the arts, history, and culture.

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School Tours

School Tours explore the history of the legendary Apollo Theater. Each tour connects to classroom curriculum and help students to meet academic standards.

**School tours are currently unavailable until further notice.

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Workshops and Residencies

Workshops and Residencies offer an array of in-school workshops in dance, theater, and music each led by an Apollo Teaching Artist. All workshops can be extended to a residency series. Residencies aim to meaningfully relate the arts to classroom subject areas over several weeks.

**In-School Workshops are currently unavailable until further notice. If you are interested in planning a residency, please contact


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In-School Career Seminars

In-School Career Seminars (ISCS) offer students the opportunity to interact with business and creative professionals from the performing arts and entertainment industries. Seminars take place on-site at selected high schools and focus on such topics as marketing and public relations, entertainment law, artist management and technical production. Students are engaged through small group and project-based learning activities and gain insight into behind-the-scenes careers.

**In-School Career Seminars are currently unavailable until further notice.

Professional Learning

For Educators

Our professional learning activities provide educators with a number of exciting strategies for engaging students in interdisciplinary study of the Arts, ELA, and Social Studies and a variety of resources to connect the rich history of the Apollo, Harlem, the arts, and entertainment to classroom subject areas.

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Education Program


The Apollo Education Program supports arts education projects that, when combined with academic subjects, introduce students to all aspects of the arts and encourage engagement, both in the classroom and after school hours. We work in collaboration with schools to plan and execute activities, workshops, and other programming to meet the needs of students through an in-depth study of the arts.

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